Whilst NOT compulsory we STRONGLY ADVISE that all animals are up to date with Flu Vaccinations

1. The Show reserves the right to amalgamate or sub divide any classes at the discretion of the Judge 

 2. Any objections must be handed to the secretary in writing within 15 minutes of the class, accompanied by £20.00. Deposit returnable if the objection is upheld.

 3. The judge's decision is FINAL.

 4. The Committee will not be responsible for any accident or incident to animals, persons or property.

 5.  All horses and ponies should have 3rd party and public liability insurance

 6. No entry will be accepted unless accompanied by full fees.

 7. ENTRY FEES will NOT be refunded without a Doctor / Veterinary Certificate.

 8. Trotting/ cantering is only permitted in the designated warm up area. 

 9. All 16 years and under must wear HARD HATS when showing In hand. 

 10. No animal under the age of 4 to be ridden anywhere on the showground 

11. All dogs to be on a lead at all times whilst on the showground/arenas. PLEASE CLEAR UP AFTER YOUR DOGS! 

 11, Animals must not be left unattended whilst tied to boxes

 12. Hard Hats/healed boots must be worn at all times whilst mounted 

 13. Mucking out of horseboxes/trailers in the lorry park is strictly forbidden.

 14. Abusive / offensive behaviour towards Judges, show officials, competitors, spectators will not be tolerated, Any such person will be disqualified all entry fees will be forfeited and escorted from the show

 15.No person shall ill-treat animals at any time whether by misuse/excessive use of a whip, bit or any item of saddlery or in any other way whatsoever.

 16. ALL STALLIONS must display a stallion ID Badge and be bitted at all times - in the interest of safety, stallions may only be ridden / handled by persons over the age of 14 years

 17. Show canes/whips must not exceed 30" 

 18. Arms & legs must be covered at all times whilst mounted

The Most Important Rule is To Have FUN!